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 AMA Long Beach aims to bring in marketing professionals from renowned agencies such as Nike, Innocean, Too-faced, Disney, etc. to be able to talk with our members and give them an insight in their career. 


Members are free to speak with these professionals about advice or recommendations they might have for professional growth. 

We are proud to have connections within some of the biggest companies and agencies in Southern California. We have exciting speakers lined up this school year! Check out our calendar for more information.


One of the most valuable benefits that AMA Long Beach provides are firm tours to renowned agencies, corporations, and firms within Southern California.


Members are able to learn about the way businesses operate and get an inside look on their company culture. At the end of each tour, there are opportunities for "Employee Q&A", where members can ask current employees about their firsthand experiences. Members are free to inquire about any advice and recommendations that these employees may have for personal and professional growth.

Firm tours are also a great opportunity for members to connect with professionals from different industries.

We believe the best way to learn is through the people who are already in the industry. So we encourage members to practice networking and ask questions to get the most of their visit.




This year, our philanthropic partner of

choice is Justin Rudd's CAT, community action team.

THE MAIN PURPOSE of the Community Action Team is to promote social well-being among the general public. As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation governed by a board of directors, contributions to CAT are tax deductible and are used to help produce quality events within our community that benefit children, animals, and the environment.

Help us support CAT through fundraising, raising awareness, and volunteering for our philanthropy events. Check out our calendar to stay up-to-date with our Philanthropy events.


Networking with your peers is something that we consider to be extremely valuable. For that reason, our chapter makes an effort to build experiences our members will never forget.


Every semester, we host multiple social events where our members are able to network and create long lasting friendships. At our events, we welcome individuals from all organizations to ensure that our members have the opportunity to truly expand their network.


During the 2023-2024 academic year, we have planned many events, check out our calendar for upcoming events. We hope to see you there!

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