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College of Business Administration, CSULB

Thank you

for considering sponsoring the American Marketing Association at California State University, Long Beach.

From Yessica Bautista:

Hello, I am Yessica Bautista, Director of Sponsorships for the American
Marketing Association (AMA) at Long Beach State University. AMA Long
Beach is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, an
organization that enriches its members’ lives on a professional and
personal level. Last year the chapter placed in the top 15 chapters
amongst 320+ collegiate chapters across North America.

By sponsoring our chapter, your organization will:

• Be involved in one of the fastest growing chapters in the Southern California area


• Position your business or organization with an attractive demographic

Several ways to support the AMA chapter at LBSU:

1. Donate money


2. Sponsor a collegiate event

3. Provide an In-Kind donation of products and services for meetings and events


4. Offer discounts on merchandise to our members



Our mission is to provide a community that fosters innovative professionals, develops leadership, and continually grows an expanding global network of young professionals in the marketing world.


1. Enhance the learning experience of our members by equipping them with the best opportunities possible


2. Create a culture and environment that support members of our chapter to grow both professionally and personally


3. Provide exposure to the different areas of marketing by hosting guest speakers from various industries, organizing firm tours, and designing workshops


4. Demonstrate the value of marketing within the business world


5. Establish a network of alumni who are young professionals that will add value to our chapter

6. Partner with businesses and advertising agencies that share similar values to our chapter


7. Provide a mentorship program for our members with elite advertising agencies in Orange County


8. Encourage collaboration with other student organizations at Long Beach State University


9. Update members on the emerging marketing trends and news by implementing articles within our weekly newsletter and website


10. Utilize our chapter’s resources and members to give back to our community through volunteerism


Chapter membership is approximately 100 dedicated student members with a diverse number of majors, including but not limited to business, graphic design, and the social sciences.


We utilize the following facets to develop our chapter:

1. Distinguished industry professionals, professors, alumni and community members as guests of honor or speakers during presentations, workshops and socials.

2. Compete in international collegiate level against 370 other chapters in a multitude of industry-related competitions.

3. Personal development through peer mentoring and accountability to self and teams throughout organization functions.

4. Giving back to the community that we as students benefit from, through community service events and outings.

By providing these opportunities we believe each student will bolster their personal network, expand their education outside the classroom and gain real life experience in spheres of their choice.



+ Sponsor’s name/logo on printed materials (newsletters, event brochures, posters, ads, etc.)


+ Sponsor’s name/company name on all digital media


+ Sponsor’s name/company name printed on club or event t-shirts

+ Recognition on our website with a link to your website


+ Exclusive access to curated resumes by our Executive Board


+ Possible naming rights to events (i.e. The “Sennheiser Social”)


These are general guidelines. We gratefully accept contributions of any level and will work with your organization to provide adequate recognition for your contributions.

$125. SILVER In-Kind Donations:

+ Name recognition on all print material

$250. GOLD Events:

+ Gold level logo recognition on the events page on chapter website

+ Logo displayed on all related-event media

+ Naming rights to an event of your choosing

+ Prominent logo on the event your donation directly contributes towards

+ Gold level logo recognition on printed material

$500. PLATINUM Annual

+ Prominent logo recognition on chapter website

+ Logo displayed on all digital media (chapter videos, social media)

+ Company copy and links sent through our email list in an email blast

+ Prominent logo on chapter banner displayed at events

+ Prominent logo recognition on all print material

Team Discounts

If your organization cannot provide a monetary or product donation, we also are interested in chapter member discounts. We encourage our chapter members and friends to support our sponsors!



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