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A new community of college students and working professionals. Our goal is to connect students entering the advertising world with industry experts through unique mentorship and ongoing speaking opportunities.


There is a gap between college students and advertising marketing industry professionals.


AAF/OC & AMA Long Beach are dedicated to curating community and fostering opportunities of growth and development.


The solution for our community is AdTies, a new mentorship program dedicated to tying together ambitious college students with experienced advertising and marketing professionals.


Helping set career goals and determining the steps to realize them.

Using personal contacts to help young people network with industry professionals, find internships and locate possible jobs.

Introduce young people to resources and organizations they may not be familiar with.

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For more information click here or contact Ad Ties Campus Coordinator Codey Schimelpfenig


We know that searching for that perfect internship or post-graduation job can be challenging and stressful. It is known that networking and career development are critical components for not only landing that dream job, but also for long-term career success. AMA offers the AMA Career Development Certificate to help you develop the skills and knowledge to market yourself in the best light.

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Whether you’re looking to build your skills or ready to take the next leap in your career, our courses and certifications will help you succeed with social media.

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HubSpot Academy is the worldwide leader in inbound marketing and sales education. Since 2012, HubSpot Academy has been on a mission to transform the way people and companies grow, offering online training for the digital age: courses, projects, certifications, and software training.

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The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. A Google Ads certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

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Analytics Academy helps you learn about Google’s measurement tools so that you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis.

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