Every spring, AMA Intercollegiate Nationals hosts a marketing conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, where over 300 collegiate chapters from all areas of the country come together to participate in a series of workshops and competitions. It is a great opportunity for members to challenge themselves, develop professionally, and increase their skill set.

We are proud to say that last year, AMA Long Beach was placed amongst the Top 20 Chapters out of 300 in the nation. We encourage all of our members to take advantage of this opportunity and strive to take as many members to the conference as possible each year.


The upcoming AMA Collegiate Conference in New Orleans will be on March 12, 2020 - March 15, 2020.

Competitions include:

  • Marketing Strategy Competition

  • Perfect Pitch Competition

  • Sales Competition

  • Chapter Exhibit Competition

   + more!


NOLA Nights

Interested in attending NOLA Spring 2020?


 Join us for NOLA Nights! Come and learn more about AMA's International Collegiate Conference, the different types of competitions and workshops that will take place, and discuss scholarship opportunities. We hope to see you there!

Meetings will be held every other Monday @ 7pm in CoB 139.

Email for more information.